From time to time, many of us will be presented with either a life event, or something happening from within that affects the way we think and feel. At those times, exploring what is happening can be helpful.

Throughout our sessions I will be alongside you as you make sense of what is happening, before coming to some sort of resolution.

Sometimes you may find that you can become ‘bogged down’ with problems, feeling stuck and not able to see a way out; solution focused sessions can help you identify your best hopes, working together towards your preferred future.

I offer both short term counselling and brief solution focused therapy (up to 6 sessions), longer term counselling/ psychotherapy , or EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Re-processing) based upon your needs.

Throughout our sessions together I will endeavour to provide you with a safe ‘containing’ space, where you do not feel judged, no matter what issues you bring to counselling.


Support That Makes a Difference

I am person-centred experiential counsellor, who will work alongside you,  and adapt my approach based on your needs. 

I have experience working with clients with a range of issues, including  depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

I have a number of special interests including Bereavement Counselling (including child loss and  bereavement by murder or suicide); Appearance Issues (facial difference or disfigurement) and Trauma.  I have a wealth of experience counselling clients on the Autism Spectrum and clients with learning disabilities.


I firmly believe that the vital ingredient in therapy is the relationship between a counsellor and their client. 

If you feel, safe, secure and not judged then you are more likely to be able to explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. 

I am deeply respectful to each and every client and what they bring to counselling;  this is sometimes called ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ or UPR. 

Whatever you have experienced in your life, you are an individual who I value and will not judge.

I see my role as a companion, being alongside you on your journey.  I will not tell you what to do, or how to think or feel; rather my role is to help you discover this for yourself.

Whilst my core training is as a person-centred counsellor, I have completed a wealth of training in other therapeutic techniques.  This means I am in a position to draw on this knowledge and experience to tailor sessions to meet your needs as an individual.


I am an experienced EMDR practioner and member of EMDR UK and Ireland.

EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Re-processing) is an evidence-based psychotherapy for trauma, yet is also highly effective with other presenting issues such as anxiety and phobias.

It is an approach that emphasises the brain’s information processing system and memories of disturbing experiences (see for more information).


I have worked as a counsellor in private practice since 2013. However, I have over 20 years experience of working  therapeutically in Child and Adolescent Mental Health; working with children, young people and their families.

In my work as a counsellor, I have experience of working with children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and developmental disorders including autism spectrum conditions (ASCs). 

This can relate to issues of diagnosis and what this means for you or about adapting my work to meet your needs.

It may also include developing social stories, detailed functional analysis or sensory assessments.

I  gained a Post Graduate Diploma in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in 2002 and was nominated as a National Autistic Society (NAS) "Autism Happiness Hero" by one of my clients

I can offer sessions either face to face, online (email or Skype) or via telephone.


I hold a certificate in Brief Solution Focused Practice (BSFT) from BRIEF, the UK’s leading provider of solution focused training. This includes Solution Focused Practice with Couples and Families, and Solution Focused Coaching

Rather than focusing on the past and being problem orientated, solution focused therapy looks towards best hopes and preferred future. 

BSFT can be a highly successful way of working, particularly if you feel stuck in a situation.

Please note

I have limited ability for private therapy and more often than not, my caseload is full.

If my caseload  is full when you contact me, I will do my best to signpost you to another therapist in your locality.

Please feel free to contact me if you have  any questions.




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