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Culturally Aware, Intersectional Supervisior 
Counsellors/ Psychotherapists,
Health & Social Care Professionals (Trainees & Qualified)


After over 20 years of experience in offering 'consultation' sessions to colleagues within the mental health professions, I have completed a level 7 Diploma in Supervision: through an Intersectional Lens. This qualification is endorsed by UKCP.

As a Neurodivergent Psychotherapist, I am keen to supervise neurodivergent therapists or therapists who work with Neurodivergent clients. However, my 25 years plus working within Children and Young People's Mental Health (including trauma), 7 years working in a specialist bereavement service working with anyone impacted by the death of a child, I have a wealth of experience to support you and your practice.

As Programme Lead for MA Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice in Person-Centred Experiential Therapy; I have extensive experience working with trainee counsellors; supervising skills groups and interacting with supervisors and counselling placements. I am acutely aware of the challenges that trainees can face accruing their client hours.

Group Supervision

I  facilitate monthly intersectional group supervision sessions for neurodivergent supervisors involving a maximum of 6 people (including myself). The sessions will be delivered on a  rolling programme with a commitment to attend at least 3 sessions.

I aim to deliver at least one supervision group in 2023. If successful, I will expand this to offer more than one group. 

The first group supervision session will take place on Friday 14th April 1 - 2.30 pm. The cost of each session is £30 per person with the fee paid in advance.

My supervision fees

Qualified counsellors/ psychotherapists  £65  per 90-minute session Trainee counsellors/ psychotherapists £30  per 60-minute session

Allied Health Professionals  £50 per 60 minute session.

Group Supervision £30 per person - with a commitment to attend at least 3 group supervision sessions.

Thank you @Therapists_C for connecting me with the lovely  @Lesley_Dougan, 

who has been providing me with actual pragmatically useful support and #supervison with working with children with PDA and amazing advice on working with bereaved children. #TherapistsConnect

Ok Daisy (Twitter)


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