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My Therapy Space

My Therapy Room is located on the ground floor of Thursby House, 1 Thursby Road,  Bromborough (Croft Business Park), easily accessible by public transport. The building has its own a private car park. 


The therapy space can enhance or hinder the therapeutic experience for both client and therapist alike.  My therapy room is a calming space, which can be adapted to clients' sensory needs, including:

  • Adjustable lighting

  • Room is located at the back of the building to reduce outside noise.

  • 'Silent' clocks to reduce distraction.

  • Throws and cushions for proprioceptive feedback

  • Fidget toys for clients who may need to stim

  • Windows set at above eye level when sitting

  • Blinds that can be opened or closed to reduce visual distractions.

  • Sufficient space for clients to pace the room, lie on the sofa, or sit on the floor if needed.

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